<#036> Why do you struggle with setting targets with distributors (and how to fix that)

<#036> Why do you struggle with setting targets with distributors (and how to fix that)
Photo by Timothé Durand / Unsplash

Setting targets with distributors can be challenging, especially when trying to grow your brand in a competitive market. However, after a decade of experience working with distributors in over 30 countries, I've discovered a more practical approach that can significantly improve your chances of success.

In this blog post, I'll share my insights and the steps you can take to align your brand with your distributors' goals and achieve your objectives.

Understanding the Distributor's Perspective:

Distributors have an intricate understanding of the market and their customers' preferences. Their portfolio has multiple brands, each catering to different occasions and customer demands. Pushing for rapid growth without considering their unique challenges can lead to resistance. Instead, adopt a different mindset - view distributors as partners in your brand's success.

Defining Your Brand's Commercial Proposition:

To build a successful partnership with your distributors, you must analyze how your brand fits into their portfolio before considering market competition. Compare your brand's occasion with other brands in the distributor's portfolio. Understanding where your brand fits in allows you to identify areas of differentiation.

Offering Solutions, Not Problems:

Be proactive in offering solutions to help distributors manage the complexity of their business. Instead of becoming a source of competition among their suppliers, position your brand as a valuable asset that aids in the following:

Portfolio Management: Assist distributors in optimizing their portfolios for maximum customer impact and relevance.

Competitor Tackling: Work together to strategize how your brand can stand out amidst competition from internal and external sources.

Realistic Conversations: Move beyond generic discussions about external factors affecting the market. Focus on concrete aspects of your collaboration that you can directly influence.

Steps to Success:

Here are essential steps to align your targets with your distributor and increase the likelihood of meeting your objectives: