<#041> 8 dead-simple steps to build your brand's foundations (starting from a problem that actually exists)

<#041>  8 dead-simple steps to build your brand's foundations (starting from a problem that actually exists)
Photo by Oliver Frsh / Unsplash

Last week, I released episode 025 of The MAFFEO DRINKS Podcast. I had an incredible chat with Maurice Doyle. I've summarized what I believe were the most important takeaways.

Identify the problem

Before creating brand awareness, be clear about the problem and who has it. The problems must not be huge; they must exist so your offering can solve them. The first step is identifying the problem and how you'll fix it. Talk to people like bar owners or consumers to find that issue. Marketing drinks involves a blend of art and science, starting with a qualitative view before seeking feedback from others on your solution.

Understand who has the problem.

It's essential not only to know what problem you're solving but also who has that problem since most brands aren't meant for everyone - targeting specific groups works better than appealing vaguely across demographics.

Offer a distinctive solution to the problem.

Be clear about how you plan to solve these issues differently from existing offerings while providing something intriguing enough to make customers choose yours over competitors'.

Focus on the occasion, not on demographics.

Using attitude and occasion together is more relevant than focusing on demographics. Marketers should consider consumers as people, connecting with them personally rather than through reports alone.

Start with the liquid.

Connecting with people by understanding their taste preferences before making recommendations is essential. This approach helps bridge the gap between distillers experimenting with new flavors without alienating potential customers looking for familiar experiences.