<#043> Unwinding October: Your MAFFEO DRINKS Podcast Guest Recap 🎙️

<#043>  Unwinding October: Your MAFFEO DRINKS Podcast Guest Recap 🎙️

I thought of taking the chance to recap the great guests we had on The MAFFEO DRINKS Podcast in October.

Episode 028 with Duncan McRae from Woven Whisky.

This is an excellent episode about building a brand with limited liquid availability bottom-up, building saliency in specialized Off-trade Stores first while seeding in the On-trade.

Episode 029 with Brian Rosen from Growth Beverages

Brian needs no introduction as he is well-known in the US Drinks Sphere. With his unfiltered approach, we discussed what it takes to enter the US and how to build brands pragmatically and efficiently.

Episode 030 with Paul Thomas from Beam Suntory

In this episode, I nicknamed Paul the "King of Insights." I loved talking to him with a pragmatic approach to Insights, Innovation, and Understanding behaviors.

Episode 031 with Joonas Mäkilä from Mother's Milk Beverages

This is a Video Episode on Spotify. Joonas brings a wealth of experience, and we chatted about how it is being on both sides of the bar, having a brand, and being a Restaurateur. Lot's of great points on how to be relevant.

Brands are built bottom-up.

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