<#049> Unwinding December: Your MAFFEO DRINKS Podcast Guest Recap 🎙️

<#049>  Unwinding December: Your MAFFEO DRINKS Podcast Guest Recap 🎙️

I thought of taking the chance to recap our great guests on The MAFFEO DRINKS Podcast in December. I take the chance to wish you all a fantastic 2024.

Episodes 037 and 038 with Daniel Szor

He is the Founder of the Cotswolds Distillery. He has an incredible story as he left his 30-year Investment Management career in NYC, Paris, and London behind to build one of the first English Whisky Distilleries. I hope you will enjoy our chat.

Episodes 039 and 040 with Julian Davies

He started as a Sales guy for Stella Artois in the UK, then moved to SABMiller where he wrote the brand-building strategy, before taking a Senior Marketing role at Bombay Sapphire. He now consults start-ups and is the Founder of Ostara English vermouth. I hope you will enjoy our chat

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