Hi, I am Chris Maffeo, founder of MAFFEO DRINKS.

I've created this space to help drinks industry professionals looking for pragmatic tips to grow their brands and their careers, sustainably.

Here I am documenting everything I write on LinkedIn as well as other articles and posts that I will keep for this medium. We all read interesting stuff but often it's not the right time. This is my way to categorize all I write and let you go back to it at your convenience.

Each post has tags that allow easy navigation to a specific topic that you might need.

Every day I keep adding new posts.

How can I access content?

There is no set path that you should follow. Under each title, you will find one or more "tags". By clicking on them, you will access all the content on that topic. You can browse through the content as you like but, should you need a specific topic, there are 2 easy options:

  • Top right you will find an easy "search" function where you can search any word
  • Top left you will find a "tags" tab where I've categorized the content per common topic.