Are you a kicker or a picker?

Are you a kicker or a picker?
Photo by Tim Foster / Unsplash

There's 2 ways to manage brands.

Pick the right one:

Some managers run their brand by focusing on the current quarter.

It's ok, we all need to do that sometimes to pay the bills.

❌ What's not ok is when:

  • the way you hit this quarter jeopardizes the ability to hit the next.
  • you kick the can down the road just enough till you get a new role.
  • the person that takes over from you finds a damaged can.
  • that can doesn’t roll anymore.
  • It can’t even be recycled.

✅ What to do instead?

Stop kicking the can.

Pick it up.



Bringing a can to next year > Kicking the can to this quarter