Are you building a drinks brand?

Are you building a drinks brand?
Photo by Elevate / Unsplash

Are you building a drinks brand?

Still thinking top-down?

Think again:
The industry has done it for decades.

  • Launch a brand
  • Find a distributor
  • Ask them to sell to customers
  • Check how much they’ve sold

It doesn’t work like that anymore.

There are too many brands out there.

You should create demand.

Make it simple for distributors and their sales force:

  1. help them understand the category and occasion you are in.
  2. help them understand how your brand serves that category.
  3. forget 50 pages outlets segmentations: what are the top 3 bars and restaurant types that fit your brand? Keep it simple.
  4. create an elevator pitch to explain to bar staff and consumers why your brand serves that occasion, that category and why they should buy it and most importantly, re-buy it.

If your brand helps them, they will help your brand.

Keep it human. There is no target audience, no target persona, no target outlet.

There are humans with a story that want to connect with other humans with other stories.

Brands are built bottom up, not top down.