Are you struggling with on premise reopening?

You are not alone.

Here’s why:
Whether you are a distributor, a sales person or an F&B buyer, please realise that consumers are struggling as much as you.
They are all craving to go out, double booking, overbooking etc.
It’s easy to go out of stock at the peak, waste a lot of goods the week after etc.

The main drivers of people going out or not are driven by these main factors:

  • how safe they feel
  • how financially in shape they feel
  • how much they crave for experience
  • how much they crave to socialize
  • These factors change weekly and even daily.

Learn to read your data, what did they order? What are the patterns?

Try to adjust the orders and sto levels accordingly despite not being easy.

But remember to manage your mind.

You are not alone.

They are not abandoning your brand.

They are not abandoning your venue.

It just takes time to readjust.

Get 1% better everyday.