Often, changing distributor is like divorcing a partner.

One always thinks that it's the other one's fault.

It's all about managing expectations. 5 steps I follow👇🏻:
We tend to focus on the look and feel of that relationship but we rarely consider it that is based on shared values:

  • do we want the same results from "our" brand in "their" market?
  • are we aligned on the pace at which to build "our" brand?
  • are we aligned in terms of mindset and ways of working?
  • are we on the same company maturity / development?
  • are we aligned in level of depth of reporting and frequency?
    in a nutshell: are our expectations aligned?

It's easy to agree on a powerpoint vision. Less so when real life kicks in.

Contracts focus on hard factors.

Relationships fall-out on soft factors.

Divorces are also expensive…

Are you sure you will be better off?

Clear expectations, long friendship.