When the foot in the door may turn into something bigger.

🤔You're probably worrying about:

  • are they trying it?
  • will they order again?
  • how many bottles or cases?
  • should I pass by to check in?
  • will another brand take my spot?

🤫 They're probably figuring out:

  • if the bottle should have a spot on the back bar.
  • if it deserves to be on the drinks menu
  • if the value chain makes sense
  • if it works in that cocktail

You know what? They need time.

If they don't test it, they won't know.

Chasing them won’t help.

I call it the moment of silence.

I used to call it awkward. Now I feel comfortable with it.

🎯Why? Because I know what's next.

Having a plan > Hoping