Documenting failure could be a company's biggest asset.

Documenting failure could be a company's biggest asset.
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If only employees were awarded to document “real”practice...
...instead, they are pushed to write polished best practices that hide what really happened:

There are terabytes of ppt docs in companies clouds, that nobody look at just because they are self promotion documents.
We all wrote some of those, why spend time reading them?
The aim should be preventing the same mistakes.
Errare humanum est perseverare autem diabolicum.

After all, it's all about objectives and KPIs:
Rather than pushing sugar coating, they should highlight what could be done better.
What to do?

  • create a safe environment for employees to speak the truth.
  • Incentivise your employees to go back into those files and tell the unpolished reality of what happened.
  • incentivise teams to look for old cases in databanks before starting similar projects.
  • If a project is a success thanks to learnings from previous mistakes, both teams get awarded.

All of a sudden the level of trust would spike and true collaboration would thrive, instead of competing on what the new team did better than the previous one.

Millions of euros would be saved. #justsaying

Lift that carpet and wipe the dust off.

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