Don't break the value chain

Don't break the value chain

Don’t be a fat link. Don’t break the chain!
There are 2 approaches in sharing value.
Pick one 👇🏻:

1) taking as much value as possible and convince the other links that what they have is enough.

2) sharing enough value to incentivize the other links to create bottom-up demand.

The drinks industry is an ecosystem.

In order to survive, the links of the chain should balance each other.

What happens if one links gets too fat?

the chain breaks.

if one link gets too much margins, it breaks the next link.

the thick link may think it won but in reality, it just broke the chain

it doesn't matter which link it was...

the brand does not rotate and sits in some warehouse in one link

Consumer and customer pull are the value driver through the chain.

While there is no silver bullet for a successful brand, there is a necessary condition which is not alone sufficient:
a sustainable value chain.

Brands are built bottom up, not top down.