Don't buy into crazy targets.

Don't buy into crazy targets.
Photo by Kasia Gajek / Unsplash

Everyone hates dusty bottles in stock. 🥃 💭 🍺 💤.
No matter where you are in the drinks value chain.
Don't push it to the next link.

Think twice before ordering it: 👇🏻
We've all been there, done that.

  1. We think we can sell it, so we order it.
  2. Then it gets stuck in stock.
  3. Then we try to get rid of it.

We've been pushing it to the next one... their problem...
Not really, what goes around comes around.
We become part of the problem.
It's like blocking the car exhaust. The engine stops.
Everything we do should drive consumer pull. Pushing belongs to the 90's.

The solution:

  1. Adjust objectives. Don't buy into crazy targets from the previous link in the chain.
  2. Adjust KPIs to make sense. Skip vanity metrics. Focus on what matters.

Garbage in, garbage out: you get what you measure.
Brands are built bottom up, not in Excel.