Don't look only at job titles when applying for a drinks role.

Ask that daring question: centralised or decentralised company?

If you don't get an answer, you got the answer:
Many (if not most) of the misalignments I have experienced were due to a very small detail: job titles.

There are 2 types of companies:

  1. Centralised:
    They have a top-down approach in which decisions are taken at the HQ and the local markets just implement and adapt it to local needs.
  2. Decentralised:
    Global and Regional HQ set the strategy but it is challenged at a local level. Markets ultimately decide if and to what degree to align.
    Job titles don't mean anything if you lack that information.

Same same but different they say:

  • A local Marketing Director in a centralised company has a much less degree of autonomy than one in a decentralised company.
  • Same thing applies to central (global and regional) roles. If the company is decentralised, they are advising rather than driving.

Easy, right? Not really.

Companies tend to hide that detail, leaving it blurry, ultimately failing to manage expectations.

If they made it clear, they would attract the right type of persons, saving millions and avoiding hours of "alignment" meetings.

Clear expectations, long friendship.