Wanna change your 🍺&🥃 importer in a market?
Stop searching for a "new" one with the same "old" approach.
Think bottom up instead👇🏻 :

if you keep searching the same way you did to find the current one, you will reach the same results.

We usually search for importers TOP-DOWN:
1) ask our network
2) search industry media
3) search the web

That usually leads to the usual frustrations and misalignments.

A better way is to do a BOTTOM-UP city analysis:
- What's my occasion?
- What's my type of outlet?
- Who has access to that outlet?

No point in asking a distributor to go out of their comfort zone.
You should benefit from their network's strengths.
Start from the end: a liquid in a glass.

Brands are built bottom up.