Event sponsorships for small drinks brands

Event sponsorships for small drinks brands
Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

Do you think event sponsorships are great for your small drinks brand?

Have you built distribution yet?

Some steps to help you decide:
If those who tried your brand and liked it can't find it afterwards, you have wasted your time.
Brand building takes time, right.
But your team is small and needs to be focused.

*What's your number 1 objective?

  • do you want to reach the right target consumers at the event?
  • do you want to drive PR by mentioning you are the sponsor of xyz?
  • do you want to use it as a social currency to drive distribution?

*Some questions to ask yourself:

  • if there are loads of other brands, will people remember mine?
  • if they do, do I have the distribution in place so they can find it?
  • is it worth the investment in time, effort and money?

*If you still want to do that...and have the distribution in place:

  • give free goods rather than giving money.
  • sponsor events at existing clients to ensure repeat purchases afterwards.
  • look for cheaper ways to sponsor it. Skip the main event. Ask them to sponsor the bars / venues where drinks are consumed also after the fair / event ends.
  • use the opportunity to get the foot in the door in your target bars driving additional distribution.

Unclear in-house, unclear in-market.

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