Getting NET new customers

How can you be more effective in selling your drinks brand? Salesperson or a brand ambassador, setting smart objectives and KPIs helps distribution and ROS.

Getting NET new customers

Getting new customers can be useless.

Getting NET new customers is what you should do.

One word makes millions $ difference on your P&LšŸ‘‡šŸ» : It doesn't matter if you get 10 new customers but you have lost 5. Net growth is +5.
Grow distribution is a vague sentence.
Grow net new distribution is something else.

If you forgot the word "net", you will end up paying a bonus to a team that does not deserve it.

Let's keep it short and simple (KISS):

  1. Imagine you go to the ATM to withdraw money to go to the shop
  2. You put the money in your pocket and walk to the shop.
  3. You haven't noticed that there is a hole in your pocket.
  4. You arrive to the shop with an empty pocket.

Do you go back to the ATM?
It doesn't matter how much you withdraw at the ATM
Fix your pocket first.

Unclear in house, unclear in market.