"Going Digital"

"Going Digital"

"Going Digital" reminds me of the "going to America" of a century ago.

An El dorado for brands to gain "quick" growth.

My advice to you:
Jumping into "digital" without a proper plan is gonna be an expensive learning journey.

A Market Place, a Social Media, etc. are like "America":
The boat trip is exhausting.
You will be waiting in Ellis Island to be accepted.
Once you land in NYC, the hard work starts and you may not get paid at first.
If you brought any money, they will go into renting a room in a Tenement with lots of other families.
You will get your own apartment only by investing money.
Just like in life, there are no easy wins.

Plan your things well in the old continent before jumping on the boat.
Fix what doesn't work in the old continent first.
Don't bring with you what doesn't work already.
Buy a ticket for the new world, only when you are ready.
Be consistent and focus on the long term.