Greeks and Romans had different approaches to building cities.

Greeks and Romans had different approaches to building cities.
Photo by Lea Khreiss / Unsplash

Today the same approaches apply to building drinks brands.

What's your approach? Here is my advice:
The Greek geographer Strabo captured the Greek vs Roman approach in his Geography:
"The foresight of the Romans added other elements besides the nature of the location. The Greek cities are thought to have flourished mainly on account of the felicitous choice made by their founders, in regard to the beauty and strength of their sites, their proximity to some port, and the fineness of the country.
But the Romans focused particularly on matters which had received but little attention from the Greeks, such as paving their roads, constructing aqueducts, and sewers .... Who goes to the forum .... will easily forget all other cities. That is Rome".

Some brands have beautiful bottles.
Some brands have outstanding liquid.
They are necessary but not sufficient.
Successful brands are those who build a sustainable infrastructure.
Build your brand with the market in mind.
Pave the road to growth.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but there was a plan.

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