Home market as a testing lab before entering an export market

Home market as a testing lab before entering an export market
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash

Brands often see export as the solution for a crowded home market.

The problem is that any export market is someone else's home turf.

Shouldn't you focus more on winning at home, first?

Right, in an export market, you might stand out in a new market but when the novelty romance fades, there is a standstill.

Short-term: you look for another market.
Long-term: you analyse the root cause of it, at home.

There are many local and foreign brands that fight for the same space on the shelf.
Only brands with a clear commercial proposition can win.

The first 2 questions:

  • Why you think they should buy you?
  • Why do they currently buy you?

Before venturing overseas, you should learn from your own market and understand the reasons of your success.

Some more questions:

  • Is it because you are a local business?
  • Is it because you are sourcing local ingredients?

Deep dive into it.
If you win by being local and sustainable, how will that positioning be translated commercially when shipping it in a container '000 Km?

You should master your own turf as much as possible first.
That's your testing lab.

Unclear domestically, unclear internationally.

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