How to know if your strategy is working

How to know if your strategy is working

Wanna know if your drinks strategy works?  

You’ve got 2 options.
Here’s what I’ve learned:  

  1. Stick to it. Give it time before judging.
  2. Quit too soon, you'll never find out.

I've done this mistake in the past.  
I didn't get results early enough, so I changed strategy.
Guess what? It still didn't work.

It's like going to the gym: you don't get a 6 pack in a week (tell me about it).
When you understand your brand's commercial proposition, stick to it.
It doesn't matter if you don't manage to get the listing in that top bar.

  • Find a similar one, with the same proposition.
  • Test your brand there.
  • Get another one.
  • Get 5 in which it works relatively to the one the first one has listed.
  • Go back to the first one and prove them wrong.
  • You will get the listing.
  • Now amplify the news and get 20 by telling them you're in the one who didn't want it.

If you never get that listing, it doesn't matter. You still got similar ones.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but they had a plan and they sticked to it.

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