Millennials are normal people...and they are not a segment.

Millennials are normal people...and they are not a segment.
Photo by Levi Guzman / Unsplash

Every generation has felt the next one to be "weird" and "disruptive".
By trying to be different to catch unicorns we've ended up all doing the same thing.
Many brands have chosen the easy route of fishing in the Millennials pond, the problem is that it is not a segment, nor a market.

We have become so obsessed with generation segmentation that instead of using it to ask better questions, we have thought it was the answer.

Healthy, vegan, sustainable and organic are a good start but they are not enough anymore to stand out on the shelf, especially if they are just a "sticker" on a pack.

"Millennials" have become the lazy way to explain to senior leaders things we don't want to spend time understanding.

They have been de-humanised into a buzz word.
Brands should spend more time in deep diving.
They should embark on an inner journey to the core of why they exist.
Only this way they will find their real niche and generate demand.

Ask yourself what your brand can do for the market.

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