Same drinks brand activation: best practice or big failure?

Marketing events for craft drinks, spirits and beer brands can often be ineffective. How can you drive PR during a sponsorship or activation?

Same drinks brand activation: best practice or big failure?
Photo by Ibrahim Boran / Unsplash

50% say: best practice - 50% say: big failure
Why? Badly communicated expectations & wrong KPIs:

Example:  small event with 10 attendees.

If you expected 100 and 10 came is a failure, right?
Not if the objective was to drive PR and those 10 attendees are journalists, 5 of them wrote a piece.
The issue was with the raised expectation, not with the result.
100 was simply too high and not achievable.

It's about the type of people you want and what you want them to do.
So the next time you set the number to 10 journalists.
10/10 attended. Big success, right?

What about if those journalists attended, had a great time and didn't write about it?
It's not so easy to judge
It could be that the event itself was a success, but the brand message was poor and it didn't arise interest.
They simply didn't think it was worth writing about it

On a positive note, you have built a great relationship with some key press people and you got something to work on
Put that at use:

  • at the next event
  • on another brand in portfolio.
  1. manage expectations
  2. set clear KPIs that are ambitious but realistic
  3. measure against those expectations
  4. agree on learnings and document them
  5. learn

In Italy we say: clear agreements, long friendship.