No niche is too niche...

No niche is too niche...
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash

Stop thinking that a niche is too niche.

By trying to be liked by everyone, drinks brands end up dusty on shelf.

If consumers cannot relate it to a clear occasion... 👇🏻

...they will try your brand and never buy it again.

Choose your uniqueness and stick to it:

It's like the "save the puppy" advertising poster.
Everybody agrees with the idea, but nobody saves the puppy.
You become part of their 100 brands repertoire over 365 days.

Trial is only the first step. You want them to repeat the purchase.

You want to be top of mind for a given occasion.

No matter how rare that occasion is, as long as you can own it.

Instead, sit down with your team and think:

- What occasion is it for? ==> Pick 1.
- What type of venue is it for? ==> Pick 1.
- Who is your brand for? ==> Pick 1.

Be crystal clear.
Focus on 1 each.
Then you grow it from within.

Brands are built bottom up, with the end in mind.