Should I sell it to them? Will it ruin my brand's image?

Ask yourself these 2 questions👇🏻 :
You are about to enter the outlet, you know they want it but:

  • will they want a discount?
  • will they manage to sell-out?

If you don't discount it to sell it in, and the venue can afford it, sell them a case and check what happens:

  • either that venue was not as bad as you thought
  • your consumers didn't mind where to buy it from

There are 2 scenarios:

  • if they don't sell it out, they will discount it once and they will not buy the premium brand again. None of your consumers will notice.
  • if they sell it out at a premium price, their consumers were not as mainstream as you thought and you got a new customer.

You might be holding on to a too tight distribution.
It's all about that pricing / ROS / distribution balance.
Pick a few venues for a qualitative test.
Test, Analyse, Learn, Adjust, Re-test...

Brands are built bottom up.