The right drinks distributor

The right drinks distributor
Photo by MARK ADRIANE / Unsplash

Can you recommend a drinks distributor in market "xyz"?

That's a random question. Be specific.

My 4 questions process to help you do that:
Having a distribution agreement in place is the start of the journey. That's when the work starts.
A great distributor that knows the right places, knows how to work with great brands and employs the right people is not a brief.

The first questions that you need to be able to answer:

  • What role is your brand playing for in the distributor's portfolio?
  • Are you set-up to work with them (e.g. level of service, systems)?
  • Are you relevant to them, money wise (e.g. margins, incentives)?
  • Are you willing to be actively creating customer pull for your brand?

Do your homework before embarking on the distribution journey.

It's easy to get the first order. Focus on the second pallet.

Unclear in house, unclear in market.