There are no premium nor mainstream consumers.

There are no premium nor mainstream consumers.
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The price point decision is driven by the occasion and by whom you are drinking with.

Premium and mainstream attitude merge in a ying and yang ☯️ :
The same consumer will have different levels of brand in their drinks cabinet.

Obviously, they may skewed more towards the upper or lower end of the price ladder, but the selection will be wider than you think (price-wise)

  • Who are you drinking with: if you have friends who appreciate more of a treat, you will make them try something special. If your guest don't really care, you are probably not going to waste a precious liquid. You may opt for something like a better version of a mainstream product to make them trade-up in an easy way. Someone who drinks only basic lagers, need to be accompanied to more complex taste. You can't just get them a super hoppy IPA.
  • Occasion: a bbq? an easy meal by yourself? a pizza night with friends? a romantic dinner? Needs are different and you may opt for something easy that it in the fridge or something more premium but ultimately, you are the same consumer, with different moods.

Depending on the context of a given occasion, some people will trade up and some others will trade down.

Leave powerpoint and visit the market.

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