Wanna know if you should split hunters' and farmers' tasks?
Think of it as cooking vs doing dishes.
If you have to clean your own mess, you keep the kitchen cleaner:

When a drinks brand grows, it's normal to have hunters & farmers.

But when you start up and have a couple of salespeople, you should make them accountable for hunting and farming.

The dishwashing example is a dear one to me.

After University, I couldn't get a job in Helsinki and I started my career as a dishwasher in company canteens.

300 meals/day, 4 cooks & 1 dishwasher: me

I remember thinking:
what if those cooks had also been responsible for doing the dishes?

They would have:

  • used way fewer tools, pots, and pans (to wash less)
  • rinsed them right after (to avoid dirt getting stuck)
  • been mindful of who comes after (themselves)

The same thing happens with sales teams.

Imagine 4 salespeople and 1 brand ambassador.
It would happen just as in that staff canteen...


If they all have to hunt and farm the same clients, they would:

  • hunt better customers (quality + quantity)
  • skip high selling clients with a bad attitude (their phone would ring)
  • avoid overpromising (they would need to deliver)
  • have straightforward communication (less people)

Running the whole race > Passing the relay