Wanna know what can pizza teach you about who to hire?

Wanna know what can pizza teach you about who to hire?
Photo by Klara Kulikova / Unsplash

There are 2 approaches.

Pick one:

Imagine you run a pizzeria:

- You can hire the best pizzaiolo in town and rely 100% on him.

- You can hire the one with the best system to drive scale.

As an Italian living 16 years abroad, I'm always asked that question: Where’s the best pizza 🍕 in town?

It’s the silliest go-to icebreaker.

I kept changing answers following my fav pizzaiolo.

That made me realize how counterintuitive it is.

It’s all about consistency.

I wanna go where the outcome is always the same: a nice pizza.

❌ I don’t care about an outstanding one if I have to check:

- which pizzaiolo is working that day.

- if my friend, the owner is there.

- if the best pizzaiolo is having a day off.

✅ I wanna walk in and always get the taste I expect.

- regardless of who is making the pizza

- regardless of how crowded it is

- regardless of if he/she is having a bad day.

Now try to adapt it to your team.

You don’t want to hire the pizza star.

You need someone that does the job well, every single day.

Building a drinks brand is not 100 meters. It’s a marathon.

Get your system right.

Consistency => Performance.

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