Wanna use your segmentation right?

Wanna use your segmentation right?
Photo by Jay Clark / Unsplash

Wanna use your segmentation right?

Diversify hunting vs farming.

Here is how:
It's not only about how premium an outlet is.
It's also about how much ROS (Rate of Sale) or velocity it generates.

A myth to debunk is that it is normal for a Gold outlet not to generate high ROS.
Some do, some don't and efforts and investments should go accordingly.

The myth goes that Gold outlets are for brand building and show the brand but guess what:
if there is no ROS, nobody has seen that brand.

Don't confuse a bottle glorifier on a back bar for brand building.

Remember one thing: bronze accounts might not be as cool, but those with high ROS are the ones who pay your bills.

It’s all about getting pricing right.

There's no marketing without sales, there's no sales without marketing.

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