Wanna win with premium drinks brands in the market?

You’ve got 2 options.
Choose the right one.

Premium brands strategies don’t fail in the market. They fail in the board room.

Very often companies launching premium brands fail due to a misaligned objectives and KPIs between commercial teams and operations.

Who is driving the strategy?

Is it the commercial team (marketing + sales)?
Is it the brewery/distillery that:

  • needs to fill free capacity?
  • keeps high MOQs to minimize complexity?
  • lowers MOQs for liquids production but fail to lower it for the right packs and SKUs?

If operations are incentivized to only drive efficiencies, jeopardizing the ability to premiumize, that is where the strategy is failing.

It’s has nothing to do with competitors.

The brand hasn’t even reached the market.

Unclear in house, unclear in market.