Want to save your drinks brand P&L?

Want to save your drinks brand P&L?
Photo by Oko Rs / Unsplash

You have got 2 options.
Pick one:

  1. Look for someone who pretends to " manage P&L " like a financial exercise.
  2. Look for someone who "manages mix" and saves your P&L by pulling the right levers.
    Don't put buzzwords in Job Descriptions.
    Don't look for buzzwords on job applications.
    I have been scared of the word P&L for years.
    Until I understood that it was just about 10 lines of words.
    Meaningless words, if you don't understand mix.
  • Brand Mix
  • Pack Mix
  • Channel Mix
  • Customer Mix
  • Geography Mix

P&L is just the output of what you do.
What happens in the mix, stays in the P&L.

Unclear in house, unclear in market.

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