You do not need big data. What to focus on?

You do not need big data. What to focus on?
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Ignore that market report. The opportunity is big enough. Don't worry.

Stop comparing your niche brand to big drinks brands.
They want to re-learn from your agility in the streets.

Why then copying their approach in the boardroom?

Focus on: πŸ‘‡πŸ»
I've read tens of market reports before changing approach:
once you know that the top 3 big brands in your category sell x 000's of cases / HL... what do you do with that information?
Nothing. Don't worry about something that is not really a worry.

  • You are at a different price point
  • You don't have nor want to have that footprint
  • You have different resources vs them (i.e. money and people)

In short, you play a different game.
What to focus on?

  • sell in the first pallet,
  • sell out the first bottle,
  • learn, adjust,
  • sell the second pallet,
  • repeat.

You don't need big data, you need small data.
Learn the market bottom-up not on PDFs.
Talk to bartenders, salespeople, consumers, observe shelves and backbars.

Too much data is no data. Don't get stuck in it.

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