You got your brand listed...

You got your brand listed...
Photo by Charles Deluvio / Unsplash

You got your brand listed with "that" distributor.

That means that the management liked your brand.

It doesn't mean that their sales team will sell it.

How do you ensure they will?

  1. The management said they love your product. Right, ask them what it really means.
    Align expectations with them: what's the yearly objective?
    It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 pallet or 1000. Get that number agreed, in written.
  2. Ensure those objectives are translated to the rest of the team: demand planning, finance, marketing, sales.
    Are they aware of it? If they don’t know what to order and what to sell, they will go with the flow.
  3. The sales team loves your product. Right, but are they incentivized against those objectives?
    Do they get more money selling your brand or selling another one?
    It doesn’t matter if the management tells the sales team to sell your brand, if they are incentivized to sell another one.

Relationships help the brand push.

Incentives help the brand pull.

Ensure KPIs are linked back to the strategy.